Tuesday, March 16, 2010

polymer clay!

Finally! I've finally got some polymer clay. I was so excited I couldn't stop making little charms. I didn't have much money for the sculpey 111, so for now I'm practicing with Sculpey bake shop. This is a new hobby of mine now. I just can't wait to come up with more ideas. Here's what I have made... Enjoy! :)
Mario mushroom cell phone charm with Yoshi eggs.(Made this one special for my fiance)

Ice cream cell phone charm
mushroom charm bracelet with polka dots
blue Mario mushroom cellphone charm
And here is some charms that just got done glazing.
Working with polymer clay is so exciting for me. I just can't wait to work on more creations with it soon. Hope you enjoyed.

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Silastones said...

Dear Elim, I like your pac-man necklace. About the wire, I bend the end of the wire into a loop,a U shape loop, not circle, before I insert it into the clay, then twist it a little bit so the end of the wire has a chance to hang on to clay. Then I will bake the piece, make sure the wire is secured, then make the loop for hanging. Anymore question, let me know. Hope this help. :)
Better to use different color clay than paint, I think.