Saturday, June 12, 2010

deco/polymer clay charms and some silicone and a cell phone???

I've seen some tutorials on silicone deco cases, and deco jewelry boxes. So I wanted to try it out on my phone (cause my phone was way to boring =]). So this is how my Phone turned out. Though it was suppose to be on a case, but I didn't have one.

Now here's the not so boring cell phone turned to an, awesome cell phone =].
This is the back of the cell phone, the whip cream is made from silicone. I made the polymer clay charms, the other charms are ones I had bought.


Eveline said...

wow. Will you still be able to take the SIM card out?

~*Ngirl*~ said...

Yes I still Can, that was kinda the hard part to make sure I go around it.