Monday, August 2, 2010

New youtube vid

I decided to make a youtube video with a lot of my polymer creations.
Check it out :)

I've been so busy lately making custom orders and making and thinking of new charms to make.
I think I need more clay! =]


Aimee said...

Hey there! Happy to have landed on your blog cause your creations are awesomely adorable! Keep it the good work :)

~*Ngirl*~ said...

Thank you :) I'm Glad you enjoyed my creations. I took a look at your blog I love your photography. I've practiced my editing and this year I won my PS3 from a photo editing vid I did on my online school. :) I wish to do pictures like yours some day.

Anonymous said...

your blog is great and i also love your creation your soooooo good at it i would buy everything you made!