Monday, August 23, 2010

PS3 I won :)

This summer I entered a contest in my Online School Isucceedvhs. It was a contest to show how you spend your extra time by going to online school, like how I spend the time on things I enjoy. So I entered a Video of my jewelry, and a video of my photo editing. In June I got a call from the school saying my video made it Top #1 and I won the grand prize I had so much to chose from, but the PS3 caught my eye haha. Here it is.

here is the video I entered. :) might want to turn it down a bit its pretty loud from the techno music ;)


Aimee said...

Aww yay!^^ Congrats! That was some impressive editing skills!

P.S. I saw these little collectible erasers of food items yesterday and it made me think of your clay creations :)

~*Ngirl*~ said...

Aww thank you so much. I saw more of your pics and they are wonderful. I'm hopping to get a camera some day for photography so for now I'm saving up. haha.. I like your fish eye lens the pictures are amazing. :) I'm glad you thought of my stuff with with the little erasers foods haha. I see lots of those around now.