Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things I've crochet.

Lately I haven't done nothing, but make beads beads, and well more beads. So I thought I'd post pictures of things I have crochet. I have been Crocheting for about almost half a year now I believe. I enjoy making baby clothes, and crocheting silly stuff. I've recently been crocheting a Mario doll. I sure can't wait till that's done. One goal in crocheting I have is to learn how to make my own patterns, so I can share it with everyone. Here are some things I've crocheted.
This hat right here is a streamers hat 

Theres right here are wrist warmers I made for my self.
This next one is a bone, I named him Mr. Bad to the bone :)

                                                                                  This next one is a dammit doll I made him for my fiancee for when his video games get to him. He doesn't need it, but he liked it. The picture after is how he looks after you beat him up.
Mario superstar!

Grimm he was so much fun to make. Nathan (my fiance) Wanted me to make him a reaper, took awhile to find the pattern.  his hood even goes back on

Here is an angel I like to cover the candles with these angels they make the room look nice.

                                                              Here is squirtle, I made this one for my Sister-inlaw

Baby girls halter top, it was suppose to be a bikini top, but I wanted to be more creative with it so I made it in to a halter top.

Baby girls dress.
Cant for get the baby Mary Janes!
This mesh cap I've recently made. Its my new fav. Hat to wear.

These are some of the projects that I've made. I can't wait to make more to share. I hope you Enjoyed looking at them, as much as I enjoyed crocheting them.

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