Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My number one goal

To become a Photographer/photo editor, is my number one goal. I have always like taking pictures and editing. I've been practicing. I may not be so perfessional at it yet, but I sure believe I will be. Nathan has motivated me to not give up on my dreams. With out his motivation I would have given up. I've been making youtube videos on my photo editing. So far I have 3 videos up. 1 has 5 stars and the other has a 4 star rating! That got me excited. So here I want to show  you pictures I have edit, or token.
here is a picture of my guitar I got.

This next picture is of my shoes and I had to do something for my photography class, I had to cartoonify it.
This right here is a picture I edited of my self It was meant to look dramatic.

here is a tree i carved my name into it says  E, N Weast 4 ever

This right here is A picture i found on google of teeth and i then whitened the teeth up can you see the difference?
Tattoo removal is hard, especially when editing it.Both google pictures but i edited them making there tattoos get removed.

Next is some celebraty with out make up and I did a glow effect on her and changed some colors a bit.

Here is a picture that I also edited doing an extreme make over I have a video on it.

This picture i took of a lady bug that was in the back yard. And flowers.

This last picture is an elephant in my backyard. There is also a video on this.
Here are the youtube videos I have on my editing hope you enjoy. (press the 4 arrows on the video to make the video screen larger.)


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